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Founder - Helen Harrison

Curriculum Vitae


Programme Research Controller, Central Independent Television


International Programme Research Controller, TSMS


Co-founder and Technical Director, The Broadcast Partnership Ltd


Founder and Managing Director, Helen Harrison & Company Ltd


BARB Industry Consultative Group
BARB Contract Evaluation Group
BARB Technical Advisory Group
Cable Research Group – Chairman

Diploma Member of The Market Research Society, Member Royal Television Society, Institute of Directors, The Forum of Private Business


Helen has been a member of the BARB TAG (Technical Advisory Group) committee for 19 years. The role of the committee is to monitor the performance of the TAM contract within the UK. Contractors attend the committee to present updates on quality control procedures, panel maintenance, balance and other operational issues. We also monitor data output and issues such as nil viewing, exceptional viewing & uncovered set viewing etc. Helen also attends the Establishment Survey Committee (to design ES interview) and additional panel classifications group meetings. Helen was involved in the consultative group for each of the past two BARB contracts.

In July 2012 Helen has completed an 8 month contract at RSMB TV Research providing maternity cover as BARB Contract Manager. This involved the operation of all day to day and ongoing quality control procedures in relation to the establishment survey (Ipsos), data production (Kantar C) and fieldwork (Kantar D). Weekly reports were provided to BARB regarding panelisation, samples, and rim weighting. Helen managed a team of 6 including 4 panel liaison employees who carry out daily telephone checks with panel members including QC queries and the coincidental study. She was also responsible for the Lifestyles Survey, which provides additional details regarding panel members such as activities, interests and purchasing behaviour. During Helen's contract she assisted in setting up procedures to introduce and test 100 homes with a virtual meter as well as TV to record all viewing of TV content via PC/laptop in the home.

We were commissioned by ARMA, Romania's TV joint industry committee which represents 96 members from TV stations, agencies and advertisers, to undertake a full audit of the TAM people meter panel in Romania in 2011, operated by GfK România. A new TAM contract was awarded to Kantar Media which commenced reporting in January 2012. Following a mini-audit in April 2012, we will be returning in October 2012 to carry out a full audit of the new panel, for the second year in succession.

In 2010 we undertook an independent audit of the TAM people meter panel in Lithuania. This involved assessment of all operations related to the set up, recruitment, sampling, operation, panel balance, data processing and reporting of the TV audience measurement system on behalf of TNS at the request of all subscriber TV stations and advertising agencies in Lithuania and the Baltic region.

Helen Harrison designed and set up the first TV and radio audience measurement system in Kosovo and established the first JIC, consisting of media owners, agencies and advertisers.

Helen was consultant to the BCI Ireland and contributed to the selection of the company to run the DTT platform.

We have worked with Sky International across Scandinavia and South Africa. We designed, commissioned, analysed and presented results for research projects including quantitative (telephone and on line) surveys and qualitative focus groups regarding Sky News International.

ESPN/Disney employed us to assist in their successful tender for rights to Premier League football coverage in the UK.

We worked with Time Warner Inc and Warner Music across Western Europe primarily regarding new channel development (entertainment and music).

Helen is a member of the MRS and conforms to the Code of Conduct, adheres to ESOMAR standards and attends AMRO events to discuss and debate TAM requirements globally.