Media Auditing
Research Fieldwork
Focus Groups
Outdoor Media
Consultancy Services
Maternity Cover
News Release

Company Credentials

BARB Subscriber since 1990
Analysis, reports, recommendations.

Quantitative Research
Fieldwork and analysis. Postal, telephone, face-to-face and internet surveys.

Training / Seminars

Maximise revenue potential, channel and programme development.
Marketing. Forecasting. Strategy

Chairman, Cable Research Group
Development of CATV survey, audience measurement in cable homes on behalf of all MSO's and cable exclusive channels.

ONdigital Survey
First major independent audience survey of ONdigital subscribers.

AdHoc Specialist Broadcaster Surveys
All platforms, including Sky Digital.

Outdoor Media Specialist
Surveys for concept development and advertising sales.

Programme Planning, Scheduling and Strategy

Broadcasting Licence Applications
TV and radio.