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Auditing Services

We offer TAM and other media auditing services
The main reasons for auditing a system are:

  • To ensure the specifications for the system comply with international standards.
  • To ensure that the TAM contractor is compliant with their contractual obligations.

The key areas of the audit process include:

  • Establishment Survey
  • The Panel Design & Quality Control
  • The Panel Maintenance
  • Data Production. Validation

In an evolving digital environment competition for viewers is increasing.  More channels and opportunities to view are appearing via TV set developments (PVR’s/VOD) and new platforms via the web (Smart TV/IPTV).  In this scenario it is essential to reassure all members of the media community, including JIC members, broadcasters and the commercial market of advertisers and agencies, that the published TV audience measurement data is accurate, reliable and conforms to international standards.
In addition to full service audits we can tailor our services to meet your requirements, for example to address key specific areas of concern (panel member confidentiality has been breached) or undertake a test of meter functionality.
Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.  Our audit clients include:

Romania – ARMA

  • June 2011 audit of the TAM people meter panel in Romania operated by Gfk România
  • May 2012 mini-audit of the new Kantar Media panel, specifically to test the audio matching technology.
  • October 2012 audit of the TAM people meter panel in Romania operated by Kantar Media

Lithuania - TNS Global

Helen was commissioned by TNS Global in May 2010 to undertake an audit of the TAM panel in Lithuania. The audit included visits to panel HH across the country as well as assessment of all operations related to the set up, recruitment, sampling, operation, panel balance, data processing and reporting of the TV audience measurement system at the request of all subscriber TV stations and advertising agencies in Lithuania and the Baltic region.


We undertake regular audits throughout the UK of outdoor sites to ensure compliance with restrictions banning the advertising of alcohol within 100ms of schools.


In July 2012 Helen completed an 8 month contract at RSMB TV Research providing maternity cover as BARB Contract Manager.  This involved the operation of all day to day and ongoing quality control procedures in relation to the establishment survey (Ipsos), data production (Kantar C) and fieldwork (Kantar D).  Weekly reports were provided to BARB regarding panelisation, samples, and rim weighting. Helen managed a team of 6 including 4 panel liaison employees who carry out daily telephone checks with panel members including QC queries and the coincidental study.  She was also responsible for the Lifestyles Survey, which provides additional details regarding panel members such as activities, interests and purchasing behaviour.  During Helen’s contract she assisted in setting up procedures to introduce and test 100 homes with a virtual meter as well as TV to record all viewing of TV content via PC/laptop in the home.